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Explore a brand new Digital Technology with IoT Edge, a service that integrates on top of existing equipment to measure equipment, speed and detect anomalies.

Date: 19 Aug 2020 (Wednesday)

Duration: 1 hr


Here are a few ways this changes the way you run your business:


  1. Operators are now able to receive real time information on dashboards, enhancing performance monitoring, finding root causes of potential issues and resolving them immediately.

  2. Supervisors, production managers, plant managers are now able to have robust discussions in meetings. Download OEE details according to process order, product, shift, time and calibrate business goals by identifying key business priority.

  3. Automatic reporting of plant OEE on MATS dashboard


Join our virtual workshop and find out how to:

  • Improve production line OEE, by providing to shop floor members the relevant details on OEE  measures

  • Free resource from key-in data and reporting to management dashboards.

  • Maintain standards, eliminate errors and miscount of OEE losses.


Workshop Agenda:

1.    AVEVA Edge Integration Enables IIoT Solutions
2.    Industrial IoT OEE Express Template
3.    System Demo



Mr. Angel Son M. Laurito

Technical Manager, Servo Dynamics Phils., Inc

Registrations for this event are closed.

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