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Our solutions are a perfect fit for the F&B industry operators seeking to digitally transform their operations to reduce risk, save costs, optimize performance, and speed crisis response.


Servo Dynamics Philippines is ready to help you in any phase of your digital transformation journey from design, build, through operation and maintenance.

Solutions for the
Food & Beverage Industry

1) Local HMI - using AVEVA Edge & touch panel PC

​Key highlights:

  1. Dashboard or screen used to control machinery 

  2. Translate complex data into useful information 

  3. Monitor machinery to make sure it’s working properly and gives real-time information

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2) SCADA Smart Notification & Reporting Engines​

​Key Highlights:

  1. Provides Alert via Email and SMS notification

  2. Built-in report templates

3) Energy Monitoring System

Key Highlights:

  1. Collects real-time energy data

  2. Transforms raw energy data into actionable information

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4) Digital OEE Solution

Key Highlights:

  1. Real-time dashboards with availability, performance, quality

  2. Improve productivity

  3. Provides Reports of OEE details

5) Recipe Management

Key Highlights:

  1. Web base interface

  2. Works with Any Industrial Control System

  3. Provides standardization on recipe management across plants

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6) Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Key Highlights:

  1. Visibility into line and plant equipment utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  2. Real time tracking of materials, semi-finished and finished product

  3. Detailed product genealogy and end to end material traceability

Servo Dynamics Philippines Inc. believes in empowering you to prepare for the future.

Change is daunting, but we can help you meet your needs as you venture towards the inevitable digital transformation at minimum risks on your investments.


Contact us to arrange for a free demo of the solutions.

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