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Offers total solution which comprises of Motion Control Hardware & Software like:
• Servo Motors & Drives
• Stepper Motors & Drives
• Positioning Controller either as standalone or PC base
• PLC Application Software
• Linear Actuators & Encoders
• Robotic System & Vision System
• Servo Press, & more….

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Weintek was not limited to the conventional HMI architecture: LCD + Touch Panel + Mother Board + Software, and introduced the CloudHMI cMT Series. Since the introduction of iPad, tablet PC has become more than a consumer product, and has gradually been deployed in diverse fields. Soon, the industry field will see influx of tablets. The CloudHMI cMT Series can perfectly integrate HMI and tablet PC, and fully utilize the advantage of tablet PC to bring an unprecedented HMI experience.

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As a technology and skills team providing total motion control, the HDS Group merges the technologies making up total motion control with the human resources of our engineers and skilled technicians to deliver the products that enable the kind of motion customers want.

Combining the HarmonicDrive®, AccuDrive®, and HarmonicPlanetary® high-precision speed reducers with actuators made of motors, sensors and other parts, as well as the drivers, controllers, and other system elements for drawing out their top performance, we provide high-added-value products with clear advantages over competing product

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THK's creative ideas and unique technology made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide mechanism. Today, our LM Guide devices are an indispensable component of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide variety of industries.

THK has also developed many other unique mechanical components, including the Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls, which are manufactured by us for supply to customers worldwide.

The company name "THK" stands for " Toughness," " High Quality," and " Know-how." We aim to contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three principles in our technology development and product manufacturing processes. On this site, we will take the opportunity to introduce a variety of technologies and products that we have developed.

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