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MES Batch

Execution Solution


MES Batch Execution Solution is a commercial off-the-shelf recipe management software for simplification of recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations.

This software aids businesses not only to control variations in products, but also improves plant efficiency and consistency in output during the process of automation.


This solution is a decisive step towards standardizing recipe management. This makes the process quicker and more efficient in automated production lines, resulting in a reduction in reliance of recipe formats and errors during production.


Suitable for the following industries

  • F&B

  • Pharmaceutical

  • CPG

  • Continuous Manufacturing


  1. Commercial Off-the-shelf Recipe management software

  2. Powerful, ready-to-use configuration and operator user interface functionality

  3. Deep governance – including role-based security

  4. Change management with item versioning and approval

  5. Electronic history records to improve productivity and quality.

  6. Manage more product variations

  7. Enforce product quality

  8. Speed product introduction to market


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