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Shop Floor
Equipment Monitoring


ISDN shop-floor equipment monitoring solution is created to improve manufacturing processes.

It helps manage communications between all levels of personnels within the businesses as well as monitor manufacturing data and production. Shop Floor Monitoring improves reaction times to disruptions in production, thus reducing production lead-time.

The Shop Floor Monitoring Solution is a data collection system that allows users to feed scheduling systems with real-time data. Line efficiency, order execution and machine statues can now be tracked in real-time. The system also provides OEE and KPI calculation and statistics related to production and potential downtime.


  • Monitor Machine Performance in Real Time

  • Order Status Monitoring

  • OEE and KPIs

  • Predictive Analytics


  1. Real time business dashboard helps with data analytics and business forecasting with minimal room for human error

  2. Analyze KPI in a comprehensive manner without being slowed down by needing to look for different documents or database

  3. Integrate database easily

  4. Generate insights according to your needs

  5. Increase productivity and visibility


4 Key Functions of the ISDN Shop Floor Equipment Monitoring Solution

Monitor Machine Performance in Real Time

Users are able to view the complete shop floor operations, helping them plan and schedule /track tasks as well as ensure machine efficiency.

Order Status Monitoring

Users are able to monitor equipment and manufacturing status on the shop-floor to make sure everything is in order via Overall Equipment Effective (OEE) measurements and Key Performance Index.

OEE and KPIs

OEE is used to measure the efficiency of the manufacturing process in the production plant. Data delivered are both accurate and actionable for users in the management of their production plant, workshops or workstation for a significant boost in productivity.

Predictive Analysis

Help the business reduce equipment downtime or failure and improve manufacturing efficiency through predictive analytics obtained during operations.


ISDN Energy Consumption Management solution offers a comprehensive platform that allows companies and institutions to achieve significant improvements on energy efficiency usage while minimizing environmental impacts, reducing consumptions and operational costs.

Cloud based IOT solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere over the internet.
Real-time operations with a flexible SaaS Business Model and multi-channel capability.

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